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Cub Scout Pack 127
(Kathleen, Georgia)
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Pack 127 By-Laws

Be it known to all current and futuremembers of Pack 127, a set of guidelines is hereby established to ensure theparticipation of all members in the Pack functions. These guidelines arenecessary to provide for the basic premise of the Cub Scout Program, which isthat all members will have fun!!!


ARTICLE 1 - PURPOSE OF CUB SCOUTING: This Pack operates under the guidelines of the Boy Scouts ofAmerica as incorporated on February 8, 1910, and chartered by Congress in June1916, which is to provide an effective educational program designed to train inthe responsibilities of practicing citizenship, providing growth in moralstrength and character, and to enhance the development of physical, mental, andemotional fitness.


ARTICLE 2 - CHARTER: Pack 127 is charteredby Andrew United Methodist Church.  The charteredorganization provides a suitable meeting place and facilities for Packmeetings, adult leadership, supervision and opportunities for a healthyscouting life for the boys under its care.


ARTICLE 3 - FAMILY INVOLVMENT: Cub Scouts is an extension of the familyand involves the total development of Scouts.The term “parent” for the purpose of this document means biologicalparent, legal guardian and/or other adult relative as defined by the BSA.  Please note that scouting is NOTbabysitting.  Each parent is expected topersonally contribute a reasonable amount of time and energy to the Packprogram.  Parents are asked to considerbecoming involved as an adult leader.  Thereare many positions, with varying amounts of time requirements open to parents.  Being an adult leader can be challenging, butvery rewarding.  There are many helpfulexperienced leaders and many other resources in scouting to help new leaders.


There are also a variety of committeesresponsible for planning various scouting events.  Your son’s Den leader can identify parentcommittee openings and needs.  ACommittee meeting is held every month on a day chosen by the CommitteeChairperson at the charter location to discuss upcoming events, plans futureevents and to discuss any matters of concern from parents.


SECTION 1 - BLUE AND GOLD CHAIRPERSON: This position plans and coordinates theannual Blue and Gold Banquet.  Thisincludes planning the program agenda, entertainment, meals, the coordinating ofthe different dens, decorations, paper goods, condiments, etc.  The dinner is normally held in February.  


SECTION 2 - FUNDRAISING CHAIRPERSON: The Pack relies heavily on fundraisersand donations.  The budget helps providethe funds needed in order to provide awards to Scouts and conduct events/outings.The function of this position is to planand implement ways to raise money for the Pack.All required communication with District will be done by the individualthat is chairing the individual fundraiser.For example, all Camp Card communications with District will be made bythe Chairperson for Camp Cards.Individual dens will not participate in any fundraiser without firstcontacting the Fundraising Chair, Committee Chair or Cubmaster.  If approved, the event will be offered to theentire Pack to participate.


SECTION 3 - PINEWOOD DERBY CHAIRPERSON: This position will plan, organize andcoordinate the events during race-day, hold a car construction clinic, as wellas the preparatory actions necessary prior to the event.  This includes providing  rules/regulations, assembling track,purchasing trophies/awards and planning food and refreshments.


SECTION 4 - CAMPINGCHAIRPERSON: This position plans the Pack campouts.  This includes securing a location (campgroundand site designations), planning set-up/tear-down, obtaining port-a- johns asrequired and planning group meals. 


ARTICLE 4 - CUB SCOUT COMMITTEE ORGANIZATION: The members of this organization shall consist of the CharteredOrganization Representative, Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster,Secretary, Trainer, Treasurer, Advancement Chair, Membership Chair, and DenLeaders.  Members must have a registeredscout in the Pack to fill a position on the Committee with the exception ofChartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, and Cubmaster who, bythe Committee's consent, may continue after their scout has left the Pack.Every year a vote of confidence will be held for all positions.


ARTICLE 5 - EXECUTIVEBOARD MEMBERS: The executive boardconsists of required members of the Pack Committee which consist of the CharteredOrganization Representative, Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Treasurer, and AdvancementChair.


ARTICLE 6 - DUTIES: The duties of theofficers shall consist of the usual duties pertaining to these offices.  If an individual is going to be absent for anextended period of time, he/she will find someone on the Committee to fill induring their absence.


SECTION 1 - CHARTERED ORGANIZATIONREPRESENTATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES include: being the liaison between the Pack andthe Chartered Organization, ensuring the Chartered Organization is aware of events,coordinating activities between the Chartered Organization and the Pack and communicatingany relevant policies the Chartered Organization has to the Pack Committee.  The Chartered Organization “Owns” thePack.  The Pack Committee is simply anadministrative arm of the Chartered Organization.  The Chartered Organization Representative isa voting member of the local BSA Council and District Committees.  As such, they can represent the Pack on thesecommittees.


SECTION 2 - COMMITTEE CHAIR RESPONSIBILITIESinclude:  membership on the ExecutiveBoard, attending the monthly District Roundtable and reporting back at theCommittee meeting, recruiting adult leadership to run the Pack with theCubmaster; chairing the Pack Committee meetings on a monthly basis, assistingthe Cubmaster whenever needed, presenting the Pack charter to the charterorganization annually, preparing the annual Pack re-charter documents andobtaining the necessary fees, signatures, and information to achieve first timeprocessing.  The Committee Chair alsocoordinates any “scholarship” requests for any scout with a financial hardship.


SECTION 3 - CUBMASTER RESPONSIBILITIESinclude:  membership on the ExecutiveBoard, attending the monthly DistrictRoundtable and reporting back at the Committee meeting, planning the monthlyPack Meetings with the assistant Cubmaster as required, conducting the monthlyPack Meetings and chairing the monthly Pack Committee meetings in the absenceof the Committee Chair whenever needed.The Cubmaster will also establish and maintain good relationships witharea Boy Scout Troops to help Webelos continue into Boy Scouts as they graduatethe Pack.


SECTION 4 - ASSISTANT CUBMASTER RESPONSIBILITES include: membershipof the Executive Board, performing all duties as requested by the Cubmaster andCommittee chair in planning the monthly Pack meetings and in the absence of theCubmaster, conducting the Pack meetings.


SECTION 5 - PACK SECRETARY RESPONSIBILTIES include:  attending Pack Committee Meetings and takingwritten minutes of the meeting, forwarding minutes to Cubmaster and CommitteeChair; sending out mailings requested by the Cubmaster or Committee Chairman.


SECTION 6 - PACK TREASURER RESPONSIBILITIES include:  membership on the Executive Board, reportingmonthly to the Executive Committee on the fiscal health of the Pack bypresenting monthly bank statements for review of the Executive Committee andfiling by the Committee Chair.  TheTreasurer is also responsible for all deposits to the Pack checking account,reconciling the checking accounts to the monthly bank statement, coordinatingall cash payments and obtaining receipts for the Pack records prior to reimbursementor payment when approved.  Allreimbursements shall be approved by the majority vote of the Pack Committee inattendance.  If the purchase is neededimmediately, it must be approved by two of the following three members:  Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Treasurer. Therewill be two (2) signatures on all checks written.  Authorized signatures shall consist of theTreasurer and at least one other registered Committee member not to include theCubmaster and/or Committee Chair.  In thebest interest of the Pack, more than one family member will not be authorizedon the account to sign checks.  The Treasureralso helps the Committee Chair collect annual fees in a timely and orderlyfashion. 


Mismanagement or misappropriation of Pack finances or Packproperty by anyone will not be tolerated.The penalties for such may include: Verbal Warning, Removal from thePack, or Criminal Charges.


SECTION 7 - PACK ADVANCEMENT CHAIRRESPONSIBILITIES include:  membership onthe Executive Board, attending the Pack Committee meeting, compiling the Denadvancements for the month from the den leader or representative.  Prior to the Pack Meeting, the advancementchair compiles the Pack advancement report, goes to the council office andpurchases patches and awards, or arranges for someone else to do so and turnsall receipts over to the Pack Treasurer and prepares a list of awards for eachPack Meeting.


SECTION 8 - DEN AND WEBELOS LEADERSRESPONSIBILITIES include: being a registered leader of Pack 127 who leads theCub Scout den and attends Pack Committee meetings.  They attend or appoint someone to attendmonthly Committee meetings and Pack meetings on their behalf.




SECTION1 - Pack 127 is open to all boys in the First through Fifth Grade.  No boys will be turned away because offinancial hardship.


SECTION2 - Membership recruitment activities will be held in August to encourage CubScout age boys in the area to join the Pack.Scouts joining in August will pay a minimum of $30 to cover registration fees, t-shirt, and advancementthrough re-charter.  New boys are welcometo join the Pack at any time in the year.Registration Fees and Pack Dues for those joining later will beprorated.


SECTION3 - An application must be completed for each boy.


SECTION4 - All adult leaders must complete an Adult Leader Application form and beregistered through the National Organization of the Boy Scouts of America.  Every leader must obtain the Youth ProtectionCertification Card which is available through online training before theApplication form will be processed.


ARTICLE 8 - STEPS IN JOINING: When a boy and his family desire to become a part of the Pack,they should contact any member of the Pack who can then direct them to theCubmaster, Committee Chair, or Membership Chair.


ARTICLE 9 - TRANSFER: Transferswill be accepted on the same basis as new Cub Scouts.  It is particularly important that transferringCub Scouts obtain transfer papers or other documents from their old Pack, whichwill certify the record of advancement, so that proper credit can be given.


ARTICLE 10 - ATTENDANCE: AllCub Scouts and their parents are encouraged to support their Den and Packthrough active participation in Den and Pack activities.  A parent should join their son at Denmeetings.  The entire family is welcomeat Pack meetings and ALL outings are intended for the families.


ARTICLE 11 - DENASSIGNMENTS: Dens are organized by rank.  Den size should not exceed 12 boys per den.  The goal of the Pack is for your son to beable to follow the Cub Scout motto: "DO YOUR BEST”.  If at any time during the Scout year a parentfeels there is a problem within the den, the following steps should be taken:

1.     If possible, discuss the problem with the person(s)involved.  If it is another person in theDen, contact the Den Leader first. If the problem is with the Den Leader orAssistant Den Leader, meet with that person if at all possible.

3.                     Ifthe problem is not resolved or if you are not comfortable talking with the DenLeader or Assistant(s), contact       theCommittee Chair or Cubmaster.

4.Whenever possible, a meeting of all parties involved will be held inorder to resolve the issue.


ARTICLE 12 - CONDUCT: ACub Scout is expected to behave himself at all meetings and outings.  Disruptive behavior, fighting, and use of foullanguage are some examples of behavior which WILL NOT be tolerated at Denmeetings, Pack meetings or outings.  Onthose rare occasions when discipline is necessary, the following action will betaken:


SECTION I - Verbal Reprimand: The Den leaderor Assistant will take the boy out of the activity and talk with him about whathe has done wrong.  The boy will thenrejoin the activity.


SECTION 2 - Time Out: The boy will again betaken out of the activity and spoken to but he will not be allowed to rejointhe group or complete the particular project or activity.  He can rejoin when they move on to the nextactivity.


SECTION 3 - Call the Parent: If the boy doesnot correct the behavior, his parents will be asked to take him home.  If the parent is present, they will be askedto leave with their son immediately. If a parent is not present, their son willcall them.


ARTICLE 13 - FAMILY/PARENTRESPONSIBILITIES: Cub Scouting givesfamilies an opportunity to spend qualitytime together.  It is the leader's roleto provide interest, skill and time in developing a good program.  The family provides help and support for theDen and Pack.  Families can help in manydifferent ways, which may vary fromfamily to family, depending upon family structures and other familyresponsibilities.  Some of the examplesof family involvement include:

                          *Workingwith their Cub Scout on achievements and electives.

                          *Attendingthe Den and Pack meetings with their Cub Scout.

                          *Presentingadvancement awards to the Cub Scout at Pack Meetings.

                          *Helpingat occasional den meetings on a specific project or an activity.

                          *Assistingwith the Den outings.

                          *Beinga member of the Pack Committee.


ARTICLE 14 - UNIFORM: Blue and Gold are the Cub Scout colors.  They have special meaning: The blue stands fortruth and spirituality, steadfast loyalty, and the sky above.  The gold stands for warm sunlight, goodcheery and happiness. 


SECTION 1 - MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Theminimum uniform requirement for Pack 127 scouts is an official uniform shirt,official neckerchief and slide, official hat, belt, and undamaged solid darkjeans/pants/shorts.  Uniforms (and manyother supplies) can be purchased at The Scout Store in Macon or online.




Tigers, Wolves, and Bears – Official Cub Scout blue shirt withrequired patches, official rank-appropriate neckerchief with slide, official CubScout hat, belt, and undamaged solid darkjeans/pants/shorts.


Webelos l & II – Official Webelos Scout shirt (khaki or blue) with requiredpatches, neckerchief with slide, Webelos hat, epaulettes, and undamaged bluejeans, solid dark pants or shorts.


Official shorts, pants and socks are optional for allranks.  All boys should be neat inappearance and shirts must be tucked in.Scouts must be in full Class A uniform at all Pack functions and whentraveling unless otherwise designated.


Adult Leaders – Official BSA Shirt with all required patches and correctepaulettes, and undamaged solid darkjeans/pants/shorts.  Neckerchiefs areoptional for adult leaders. 


SECTION 3 - CLASS BUNIFORM: When designated, Scouts may wear a Pack 127 T-Shirt to events/outings.




SECTION 4 - UNIFORM INSPECTION: Your den mayhold inspections and they may alsobe part of the Pack Meetings.  A boy isexpected to wear his uniform clean and neat.

SECTION 5 - CUB SCOUT HANDBOOKS:  TheCub Scout Handbook for each rank is a necessary part of Scouting.  Scouts should have their Handbook with themat all Den meetings.  This is needed foroverall guidance, direction, tracking of achievements and recognition foradvancement.  The Cub Scout Handbook,appropriate to the Scout’s den level, should be purchased along with theuniform.



SECTION 1 - DEN MEETINGS: Each Den Leaderdetermines when and where Den meetings are held.  Den meetings are generally held 2 or 3 timesper month.  Parents are asked to attendwith their sons.  Den meetings areplanned and run by the Den Leader with the help of an assistant Denleader(s).  Den meetings are plannedaround the monthly theme.  The locationof the Den meetings can be at home, library, etc.  Each Den Leader chooses the structure oftheir Den. This includes the day, time and location of their meetings.


SECTION2 - PACK MEETING: Pack meetings are usually scheduled for the third Mondayevening of each month at Andrew United Methodist Church from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00p.m.  The entire family is encouraged toattend the Pack meeting and support the Cub Scouts in their advancement.  Pack meetings are not held during the monthsof June and July, but summertimeevents are planned.  The Pack meetingprogram includes opening and closing ceremonies, recognition of boys who haveearned awards, presentation of skitsand songs by Dens.  The Pack meeting isplanned around a monthly theme and is led by the Cubmaster with the help ofother adult Pack Leaders.


SECTION 3 - PACK COMMITTEE MEETING: Meetingsare normally held once a month at 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon in the BatesBuilding of Andrew United Methodist Church.The Committee Chair will send out a meeting agenda prior to themeeting.  Important to the successfuloperation of the Pack is the Committee Meeting, a group of adults who manage such things as recordkeeping, finance,leadership, and registration.  The adultsinclude the Executive Staff as well as Den Leaders.  The Pack will continue to grow as long as wehave adults who are willing to share their time, ideas and experience.  While committee meetings are open to all Packadults, only registered adults are eligible to vote at a meeting.  Registration is accomplished by completing anAdult Leadership application and paying the annual National Registrationfee.  All parents are eligible to becomeregistered volunteer leaders and are encouraged to do so.  Anysuggestion or matters of concern may be reported to the Pack Committee byattending the committee meeting or by submitting a handwritten suggestion toany committee member.  All issues will bediscussed openly, voted on, and responded to appropriately.  All issues requiring a vote should be broughtto the floor in a specific proposal.  Aproposal will require a majority vote by those present to pass.  All proposals and voting decisions will bedocumented in the Pack Committee minutes; a hard copy will be available uponrequest at Pack meetings.


ARTICLE 16 - ADVANCEMENT:The Cub Scout Program has four ranks: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. The Arrowof Light is the highest award in Cub Scouts.


SECTION1 - BOBCAT: A boy's first step after registering as a Cub Scout, regardless ofhis age, is to pass the Bobcat requirements. They are:

*Learn and say the Scout Oath, with help if needed.

*Learn and say the Scout Law, with help if needed.

*Show the Cub Scout sign. Tell what it means.

*Show the Cub Scout handshake. Tell what it means.

*Say the Cub Scout motto. Tell what it means.

*Show the Cub Scout salute. Tell what it means.

*With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in thepamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide.


SECTION2 - TIGER: A boy who is in first grade and registered with his adult parent asa member of a Tiger Den.  To earn theTiger badge, a boy must complete six designated Tiger level adventures and oneelective.


SECTION3 - WOLF: The Wolf rank is for boys who are in second grade.  To earn the Wolf badge, a boy must completesix designated Wolf level adventures and one elective.


SECTION4 - BEAR: The Bear rank is for boys who are in third grade.  To earn the Bear badge, a boy must completesix designated Bear level adventures and one elective.


SECTION5 - WEBELOS: Webelos I are boys who are in fourth grade.  Webelos II are boys in fifth grade.  To earn the Webelos Badge, a boy mustcomplete five designated Webelos level adventures and two electives.


SECTION6 - THE ARROW OF LIGHT AWARD: The Arrow of Light Award is Cub Scouting'shighest award.  It is the primary focusof the Webelos II year and not available to earlier years. In order to earnthis award, a boy must complete the four Core Adventures of Building a BetterWorld, Camper, Duty to God in Action, and Scouting Adventure. Earning theWebelos badge is not required for the Arrow of Light award.  Earning the Arrow of Light Award tellseveryone that you are ready to be a Boy Scout.


ARTICLE 17 - SUMMERTIME EVENTS: While there will be no regular Pack Meetings during June andJuly, events will be planned before the last Pack Committee meeting inMay.  The Pack committee will appoint acoordinator/chairman for each event. 




SECTION 1 - A singleregistration fee will be determined at the beginning of each Scout year and isin part based on the operating budget for the Pack.  This year’s budget and registration fee issummarized in Exhibit A. 


SECTION 2 - It is thegoal of the Pack to hold as few fund-raisers as possible; however it isimportant that each family support fund-raising efforts when they areheld.  Families are encouraged toparticipate in the Pack’s primary fund raiser, which is the annual PopcornSale.  Additional fund-raisers may becalled for depending on the financial state of the Pack.


SECTION 3 - The cost ofthe Cub Scout uniform is the responsibility of the family.  The Pack has established a uniform standard,as detailed in Article 13, which all Cub Scouts are expected to meet.


SECTION 4 - All Packreimbursements require a completed Pack Reimbursement Form (Exhibit B) with theoriginal receipt attached within 30 days from the receipt date.


SECTION 5 - Allinternal cash/check transactions require the issuing of a receipt from the Packreceipt book


SECTION 6 - Pack 127will “Do Our Duty to God” by tithing 10% of all sanctioned BSA fundraisers tothe Chartered Organization each year.


ARTICLE 19 - SCOUT IN NEED (Financial Assistance Scholarship),


Scouting isfor ALL boys.  Financial hardship willnot prevent a family from participating in scouting.  As needs dictate and funds are available, thePack Committee may elect to supplement the annual dues for a Scout(s) whorequire(s) financial assistance. 


Prior to anyPack financial assistance the Committee must submit a Council request forassistance.  All program requests will bemanaged in a confidential manner.Requests for Scholarships must be directed in writing to the  Pack Committee Chairperson for review and approvalby the committee. 


ARTICLE 20 - DISCLOSURE:If any of these bylaws are in violation ofBSA state or federal rules and regulations, then the appropriate rules orregulations will preside over the by-laws.These bylaws can be amended by majority vote of the Pack Committee andwill be reviewed and voted on annually.



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