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Cub Scout Pack 4185
(Elgin , Oklahoma)
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Pack Meetings are the 4th Monday of the Month unless special meeting and our Den's meet once a week on the other Mondays at different times.  Please check pages to verify when the den meets for your age boy. 


Our Pack collects uniforms that are experienced so that other families my use them.  If you have a scout that has outgrown his uniform, hat, belt, slide neckerchief we will gladly store it and have it on hand for a scout that might not be able to afford a uniform.

We ask that a $10.00 fee be paid for the uniform that will be placed in the general fund to help the pack with purchasing items for events and camp outs and other needs such as food for outings.

Please call me (Angie @ 580/512-5192) if you have any items that you would want to donate.  Thank You in advance. 

Cub Scout Pack 4185


Attitude Check - Boy are we enthusiatic


Boom Sha-ka-la-ka  Boom Sha-ka-la-ka  BOOM!!

                   Flag Posting and Flag Retrieval

Post Colors   (Caller stands at the front of the room )

Scouts and Scouters Attention   (LOUD)

Will the Audience please rise

Color Guard forward march  

   (flags are brought from the back of the room with the American Flag (on the right side of the room crosses to the left, and always held higher than the scout flag; the flags are crossed in the front to the other side the American flag always remaining in the front for all to see. Color guard stops at the posting and holds position.)

Color Guard -Halt

Color Guard prepare to post the colors (Colors are lifted to the top of the post but not posted until the caller says to post.) 

Color Guard post the colors (Colors are placed in the stands)

Please join me in the Pledge of Alegiance.  (boys salute flag at the sound of the caller says 2)

I pledge alegiance to the Flag of the United States of America
and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God
indivisable with liberty and justice for all.

Caller says : Two (Salute is lowered)

Color Guard reform (get in line toward the flag)

Color Guard at ease  (boys go to sit with their den)

 To Retrieve the Colors

Boys are at the back of the room ready for the call.

Caller says:
Color Guard prepare to retrieve colors (boys march from back of room to where the flags are and line up facing flags with hands on flag posted careful not to pick it up)

Retrieve the colors (flags are picked up and held)

Color Guard reform(flag comes to front and others line up behind flag awaiting instruction)
Forward march (flags are carried straight back to the back (do not cross in front as before)
Halt (when flags are in the rear of audience caller says halt) 

Color Guard dismissed (Flags are held until stands are properly placed to put flags in)

Audience dismissed (Meeting is over)