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Welcome to Troop 34, Glacier's Edge Council

We hold weekly meetings from September through June on Tuesdays from 7 to 8:15 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church at the corner of First and Atwood/Winnebago streets. 

Interested in joining? You are welcome to visit and observe our meetings. We invite boys (age 11 & older) to check out our troop. 

We go on active monthly outings (see above):

February -- Klondike
March -- Moon Lake
April -- Camporee/backpacking
May -- camping
June -- camping
July -- Scout camp at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation
August -- High Adventure
September -- camping
October -- camping
November -- camping
December and Januar -- no outings

We do a variety of community service projects, in Madison and surrounding area. 

We have fun, we learn things, and we work on badges. 

For more information, contact Scoutmaster John Nicholson at

Scouts for Equality

Troop 34 is a proud, Gold-level inclusive member of Scouts for Equality. 

Our Non-Discrimination Policy is:

Troop 34 Nondiscrimination Policy


Troop34 welcomes members who are willing to live by the Scout Oath and Law, andmembership will not be denied on the basis of race, ethnicity, religiousbeliefs, ability, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation.


Troop 34 does not permit itsorganization to be used as a vehicle to promote any personal, political,social, or other objective that is inconsistent with Scouting’s advocacy forchildren, or this document.


Troop 34 Nondiscrimination Statement

Troop 34 is committed to inclusivenessand equality in all Troop activities and Troop membership of Scouts and adults.Inclusiveness and equality apply to all aspects of life including with regardto race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, ability, and sexual and gender orientation.


Troop34 seeks to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over theirlifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scouts Oath and Law, tofulfill our mission of positive youth development, and to enhance the quality oflife in our communities.


Troop34 believes that scouting’s most powerful mission is to provide the opportunityfor youth to associate with leaders, who, by example and other means, encouragepositive mental, physical, ethical, and character development in youth. Allyouth need role models, and the adult leadership should reflect the diversityfound in the world today and in the youth of the program.


Troop34 believes scouts are respectful of human differences and a diversity ofbeliefs. Among other values, Scouting teaches respect for the beliefs andrights of others through adherence to its Oath and Law. The idea that we shouldtreat other people as we want to be treated ourselves is a core tenet ofScouting and one that is shared by people of all creeds, walks of life, andbeliefs.

Troop 34 in the Eastside News

The Eastside News is a publication of the Goodman Community Center. Troop 34 appears often in their pages...take a search!

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