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Why Scouting?

 The Boy Scout program is for boys ages 11-17. 
The Cub Scout program is for boys ages 6-10. For more information about Cub Scouts, please see our little brother's site at Pack 7322.

There are many youth organizations to chose from, suchas sports, service clubs and educational programs.  As volunteers, wesalute these organizations for their work with young people.  

The Scouting program, however, goes above and beyond programs offered by traditional youth organizations.

Scouting provides activities that:

  • encourage boys to try new things,
  • nurture love for the outdoors,
  • advocate service to others,
  • build self-confidence,
  • foster new friendships,
  • emphasize teamwork,
  • cultivate citizenship,
  • promote leadership skills, 
  • involve STEM
And, most importantly, do it in ways that are FUN!

To find out more about the Scouting program, 
Contact Troop 7322 through Russ #775-721-0518
or visit