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Cub Scout Pack 8
(Dracut, Massachusetts)
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"My son joined the Cub Scouts as a Tiger and the experience allowed us to spend more time together. He's become more independent now that he's a Webelos I, but we enjoy a lot of time with each other. Pack and Council camping trips are some of the best times to connect."

-Parent of Cub Scout

"I like seeing my friends every week. It's like a club and the other kids in school don't know how cool the stuff we do is. We play games and learn how to do things and make stuff. Hiking and camping are pretty cool, but I really like fishing and finding geocaches. I won the Pine Wood Derby one year. That was AWESOME!"

-Cub Scout
"Our Den Rocks! We have a great group of boys and parents that always get things done above and beyond what is expected."
-Webelos Den Leader



Cub Scouts has enriched our son's life!

"In addition to learning things in a classroom environment, the Cub Scouts take trips to places where they learn through actual interaction... instead of just reading a book. These programs that the Cub Scouts are able to organize are unlike any others.  For instance, K.'s pack not only went to a zoo, they slept there overnight and visited some of the animals behind the scenes, after-hours. 

"Not only do the Cub Scouts enhance K.'s academic life, he is being taught life-long skills to help him become a good leader, listener and a more socially responsible person. The Cub Scouts emphasize speaking up, taking charge, being a good listener, practicing good behavior and caring for the world around you.  These are not skills that he is taught in a school classroom or things he can learn from a book.  These things are what make the Cub Scouts so unique and special. 

"We are happy we've made the decision to make him a Cub Scout and feel as though this program is providing our son with a solid foundation for being a respectful individual, a good friend and a good citizen for the rest of his life."

-Parents of Cub Scout (Tiger)

Better Than We Ever Expected

"Our family's experience with Pack 8 has been better than we ever expected. Our son's growth over the past 4 years has been amazing to watch. He has learned so much about responsibility, integrity, team work and community service, and he continues to make us proud. The camaraderie that he shares with his fellow Cub Scouts is also really sweet to see. He loves all the activities and outings that Scouts offers, and we love the many opportunities to participate as a family. It really has gotten better each year!"

~Webelos Parent

From Boy Scouts who are Pack 8 Alumni

“Pack 8 is a well organized Pack.” –Senior Patrol Leader

“All my friends went to Pack 8” –Troop Guide

“I found Pack 8 enjoyable.” Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

“I liked that Pack 8 was kid-centric.” Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

“I like doing skits at our ceremonies.” Patrol Leader

“I liked everything about Pack 8.” –Boy Scout

“I liked all the activities we did.” Boy Scout

“The crossing over ceremony was well done.” Troop Librarian

“Pack 8 was a lot of fun.” Chaplain’s Aid & Assistant Patrol Leader