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The most frequent question I am asked is "how much does it cost for my son to be a Venture Crew member?"

I hope this answers your questions.

A) Parent Responsibilities (Explanation of Fees):
            a) Fill out the BSA application for the troop (BSA Membership form).  $24 per year
            b) Parent must pay the troop membership fee of $120 per year for their scout at the time of joining the troop ($10/mo - January to December). Payment is due in full
Total troop fees (minus uniform): ($120 + $24) = $144 

            c) Adult leaders:  BSA Application and membership ($24) and you must complete BSA Youth Protection (   

            c) Purchase the Crew Uniform (class A) see attachement: The Class A shirt (Green), pants (Grey), grey belt and green epilets can be purchased at the Scout post and cost is determined there.

           **Typically these costs are approximately $40 for the shirt including LVAC-BSA patch, Fleur delis patch, $30 for the pants and $8 for belt. 

Venturing Uniform Guide
Female Uniform:

Male Uniform:
Fee Descriptions:
BSA Membership fee:
$24/year to BSA (required) and $12/year for boys life magazine (not required but HIGHLY recommended).

Crew Membership fee:
$120/year ($10/month) Our membership calendar runs January to December.  The cost supplements crew and troop costs from storage to computer programs, insurance and maintenance.


Outing activities and campouts will vary in costs and those costs will be determined as events unfoldwhen known.  These costs are due before the outing unless your crew members account is supplemented ahead of time.

Our troop is not "sponsored" by anyone or any companies.  Therefore the troop families must cover the costs through fundraisers, personal donations etc.  If anyone would like to sponsor the troop via donations or otherwise, we are always open to any ideas you may have as long as they fall under BSA guidelines.   BSA Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units

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