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Venturing Crew 222
(Dunedin, Florida)
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Presidents of Crew 222

Being the President of our Venturing Crew is no easy task and is not something that just anyone can handle. It takes not only leadership skills but also patience as we have to lead young adults on expeditions that not a lot of people our age get to do. Our crew is still young and has only had a couple of different Presidents thus far but each one has played a role in getting this amazing Venturing Crew to where it is today and we cannot wait to add the future leaders of Venturing Crew 222 to our prestigious Oval Office.

The following list is in order of first President of Venturing Crew 222 to current President:

Louis Joseph Mihalinec, Jr.- August 2012 to
Louis Joseph Mihalinec, Jr.-
Hunter Christian Mihalinec-
Hunter Christian Mihalinec-
Danielle Lorraine Dilday-
Hunter Christian Mihalinec-
Hunter Christian Mihalinec-  to August 2016 
Jessica Lynn Mihalinec- August 2016 to January 2017
Jessica Lynn Mihalinec- January 2017 to June 2017

Louis Joseph Mihalinec, Jr.

Louis was the first President of Venturing Crew 222 and was a major force behind getting our Crew up and rolling. He led the very first crew meeting and campout. Louis served two terms as President although his second term was cut short as he went off to college. Louis has earned the Silver Award for Venturing in August 2014, he also earned the rank of Eagle with Boy Scout Troop 222 in October 2011.

Louis graduated from Dunedin High School in 2013 and is currently a Senior studying Environmental Engineering Science at the University of Florida. Louis believes that being in the Scouting program has helped him out a lot in getting into the University of Florida and he knows that will help him a lot in the future.

Louis is now an Associate Crew Advisor for our Crew and participates in most of our crew activities.

Hunter Christian Mihalinec

Hunter was the second President of Venturing Crew 222 and played a part in starting our Crew as one of the founding members. Hunter served two terms as President and he plans to run again after his required one term of absence. Hunter has earned the Silver Award for Venturing in December 2014, he is currently working on the rank of Eagle Scout and the new highest award in Venturing the Summit Award. 

Hunter is a Senior at Dunedin High School and he participates in several extracurricular activities such as playing on the varsity soccer team. 

Hunter is currently the Vice-president of Program for our crew and participates in everything that our Crew does.

Danielle Lorraine Dilday

Danielle is the third President of Venturing Crew 222 and is the first female President to run our Crew. Danielle is currently serving her first term as President and will be leaving us soon to go stay in Italy for the summer. Danielle has earned the Venturing Award so far with the Crew.

Danielle is a Senior at Clearwater High School and participates in most of the activities that our Crew does.

Jessica Lynn Mihalinec