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Venturing Crew 222
(Dunedin, Florida)
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Training Procedure

Online trainings are available on and take on average 30 - 45 minutes per course. To register for training you will be asked to setup an account on, this allows you to track your training as well as get reminders when your training is due for renewal.


If you do not already have a MyScouting account, you will need to create one (using your e-mail address as your login). This account will give you direct access to e-learning
courses (and other options depending on your profile).

If you already have a MyScouting account, simply log in as usual.

Scouting volunteers: have your council number and member ID handy (from your registration card) when creating your account. This will ensure you receive proper credit for
courses completed successfully.
(Note: If you have LOST your BSA Registration card, your REGISTRATION NUMBER IS ON YOUR UNIT CHARTER, so call your Unit Leader and ask him/her what it is.)

When creating your account please make sure to enter your BSA ID and select West Central Florida Council.


Once you complete a training please print the certificate and bring it to Mrs. Mihalinec at the next meeting or email a copy of it to me, my email address is on the website.

The link for online training is:

Adult Leader Training

Effective: September 2012

All registered adults in Crew 222 are required to take the training courses appropriate for your Crew position.

A photocopy of all training certificates must be given to the Crew Committee Chairman upon completion of the training in order for the Crew to maintain its records and Quality Unit status.

Crew Leadership Training Requirements
(* = Required)


Committee Members

Merit Badge Counselors

Fast Start: Venturing*

Fast Start: Venturing*

Fast Start: Venturing*

Youth Protection Venturing*

Youth Protection Venturing*

Youth Protection Venturing*

This is Scouting*

This is Scouting*

This is Scouting

Venturing Leader Specific Training*

 Crew Committee Challenge*

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills*

Health and Safety

Weather Hazards

Wood Badge

Trek Safely


Safe Swim Defense

Safety Afloat

Physical Wellness

Climb on Safely

Leave No Trace

Powder Horn

Wood Badge

Fast Start: Venturing

The online Fast Start Training is the first step for any new adult volunteer in a Venturing Crew, no matter what the position may be. The Fast Start training is short and should be taken as soon as possible after you have accepted a leadership position. The Fast Start program has been designed to provide an immediate comfort level for new leaders. Once Fast Start is completed, it should be followed by more comprehensive training.

Updated on: 10-04-13 LJM


Youth Protection Training - Venturing

The Boy Scouts of America has developed the online tutorial, Youth Protection training, to prepare its leaders to help youth who have been, or are being, abused. In addition, the BSA has adopted a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to help ensure that Scouting continues to be safe for all participants. All registered adults must complete Youth Protection Training online and fully understand the Youth Protection Policies of the BSA.

Updated On: 10-04-13 LJM


This is Scouting

This is Scouting is an introductory session that highlights the values, aims, history, funding, and methods of Scouting. It addresses how these aims and methods are
reached within Scouting. Videos, discussions, and hands-on reinforcement are presented during the 90-minute training session.

Updated on: 02-03-12 LJM

Venturing Leader Specific Training

This training provides the specialized knowledge a new leader needs to assume a leadership role. Because each course is designed for a specific leadership position, the training time varies. Leader Specific training has been developed for the following positions and their assistants:


Venturing Leader Specific Training (Basic Training)
This basic course explains Venturing to all adults new to Venturing.
There are five sessions:
Here's Venturing,
Understanding and Protecting Youth,
Leadership and Organization,
Awards and Recogniation, and
Resources and Program Planning.
These sessions may be offered at one time or individually. It usually takes about 5 hours to complete. This course is required for the Advisor Key and Venturing Advisor Training Awards.
 The course uses syllabus No. 33491 

Updated on:12-27-12 LJM

Crew Committee Challenge

The mission of the online Crew Committee Challenge training is to help each crew committee work as a team to improve the Scouting experience for adult and youth members. It helps build the commitment of individual members as well as cultivates a better crew committee team.

Updated on: 02-03-12 LJM

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Outdoor skills are critical to the success of the Scouting program. Training in outdoor skills is required before taking scouts on outings.

  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills will provide Boy Scout leaders/ Venturing Crew Advisors with the basic outdoor skills information needed to start and guide a program the right way. Completion of this course is the required outdoor training for all Scoutmasters/Advisors and assistant Scoutmasters/ associate Advisors. The skills taught are based on the outdoor skills found in The Boy Scout Handbook. The course is normally a day and a half long and conducted at a local scout camp on a weekend.

Update on: 02-03-12 LJM

Merit Badge Counselor Instructors Guide

This training will guide new and potential merit badge counselors through their responsibilities in the role and will give them an understanding of the methods of counseling Scouts. It is intended as a short orientation course for new merit badge counselors before they begin working with Scouts.

Updated on: 02-03-12 LJM

Generational Diversity

This online tutorial is intended to give you a broader understanding and deeper appreciation for the diverse range of ages and life experiences throughout the Boy Scouts of America.

Updated on:02-03-12 LJM

Leave No Trace Training

Powderhorn Training

Weather Hazards Training

This online tutorial deals with the planning and preparing for hazardous weather conditions and must be taken by all registered adults who
regularly attend campouts with the Crew.

Updated on: 02-03-12 LJM

 Climb On Safely

Safety Afloat Training

Safety Afloat has been developed to promote boating and boating safety and to set standards for safe unit activity afloat. Before a BSA group may engage in an excursion, expedition, or trip on the water (canoe, raft, sailboat, motorboat, rowboat, tube, or other craft), adult leaders for such activity must complete the online Safety Afloat Training, have a commitment card with them, and be dedicated to full compliance with all nine points of Safety Afloat.

Updated on: 02-03-12 LJM

Safe Swim Defense

Before a BSA group may engage in swimming activities of any kind, a minimum of one adult leader must complete the online Safe Swim Defense training, have a commitment card with them, and agree to use the eight defenses in this plan.

Updated on: 02-03-12 LJM

Wood Badge

Wood Badge has five Central Themes:

1) Living the Values
—Values, mission, and vision
—Aims and methods

2) Bringing the Vision to Life
—Listening to learn
—Giving and receiving feedback
—Valuing people and leveraging diversity
—Coaching and mentoring

3) Models for Success
—Team development model
—Situational Leadership

4) Tools of the Trade
—Project planning and problem solving
—Managing conflict
—Assessing team performance
—Managing change
—Celebrating team success

5) Leading to Make a Difference
—Leaving a legacy
—Learning the greatest leadership secret

Updated on: 02-03-12 LJM