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Venturing Crew 222
(Dunedin, Florida)
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Hello, We are Venturing Crew 222

The main objectives of our crew are:

High Adventure Activities
2.   Advancement towards Eagle Scout and the Venturing Summit Award
Service to Community and Others

Our crew is chartered out of North Dunedin Baptist Church and we are based in Dunedin, Florida. Our meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the month (advancement meeting) and the 3rd Monday of the month (activity planning meeting) from 7:00pm and 8:30pm. If you are interested in joining please click the link labeled "contact our crew" and we will be happy to help you. Please consider joining our crew, we know how to have fun and be serious, we work on annual conservation projects, and would love to have more members to get in on the fun. So come check us out.......

Thank you for your time

Hunter Mihalinec
Venturing Crew 222
Vice President of Program


Venturing Crew 222 Officers:

Crew President - Jessica Mihalinec
(Oversee's the officers of the crew)

Vice President of Communications- Cheyanne Mihalinec

(Website admin, Oversees crew communications, Handles paperwork)

Vice President of Program - Jeremey Whitelaw

(In charge of Crew activities, Works out activity details)

Secretary - Holly Winters

(Takes notes at all meetings, In charge of all minutes and posting them to group page)

Treasurer - Ainsley Cole

(Handles crew finances)

Crew Guide- 
(Leads Crew in training of outdoor skills along with suppling guidance to Crew as requested by President)

Historian - Megan Goodell
(Is in charge of taking and gathering photo's and video's for the Crew members and our Facebook Page and posting accordingly.)

Quartermaster - 
(Takes care of all crew equipment, Handles all supplies on crew activities)

Chaplain - 

Venturing Crew 222 Advisors & Committee Members:

Committee Chair - Mrs. Suzanne Mihalinec

Crew Advisor - Mr. Louis Mihalinec Sr. 

Associate Advisor - Mr. Matthew Laverdure

Associate Advisor - Mrs. Debbie Smyth

Associate Advisor - Mr. Mark Smyth

Associate Advisor - Mr. Louis Mihalinec Jr.

Associate Advisor - Ms. Brianna Smyth

Associate Advisor - Mr. Barry Niemann

Committee -
Mr. Steve Ferguson

Committee (Advancement) -
Mr. Bob Bert

Venturing Crew 222
Our Main Interests:

-Mountain Biking
-Aquatic Activities