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Boy Scout Troop 419
(Crockett, Texas)
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What to bring camping

Troop 419 has a very active outdoor program and all boys are encouraged to participate. Our program includes monthly weekend campouts, annual long term summer camp (1 week), day hikes and other outdoor activities.

Following is a list of items recommended to take to a week-long Boy Scout camp. Many of the boys purchase “camp boxes,” or footlockers, to store their camping gear for week-long camps. The boxes are lockable and help keep the boys organized. The boxes can be purchased at Walmart for around $20. 

For an overnight or two-day camping trip, the following is recommended:

  • Sleeping bag, tent, and cot/air mattress
  • mess kit with eating utensils and cup
  • bug spray and sun block
  • knife and totin’ chip
  • raingear if appropriate
  • flashlight, toothbrush and tooth paste
  • and food for patrol


Recommended items to take to Boy Scout Camp

r Small plastic grocery bags for tent trash

r 2 large trash bags for dirty clothes

r Closed-toed clogs for shower

r Pack clothes in 2-gallon ziplock bags

r Mosquito net

r Several yards of line and bungee cords

r Bug spray

r Sun screen and hat

r Water bottle

r Several pens

r Notebook or notebook paper

r Print worksheets for merit badge classes (optional)

r Soap/shampoo

r Towels (write name on them)

r Knife and “totin’ chip”

r Slinky bag or small back pack

r Poncho or rain gear

r Deodorant

r Toothbrush and toothpaste

r Boy Scout Class A shirt

r Roll of toilet paper in ziplock bag

r Sheets, bedding, or sleeping bag

r Pillow and pillow case

r Clothesline and clothes pins

r Flashlight

r Wet wipes

r Cot or air mattress

r Extra socks


r Hand and feet warmers

r Gloves

r Warm hat, coat, and cold weather clothes that allow layering

r Extra plastic bags to put wet gear in

r Inexpensive solar blanket

r Extra pair of shoes

r Extra tarps

r Tent if tents are not available at camp