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Boy Scout Troop 419
(Crockett, Texas)
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About Troop 419


Troop 419 is a participating member of the East Texas Area Council in the Five Rivers District.The Troop's organization consists of a Chartered Organization, a Troop Committee, the Troop, the Scouts and the Troop's parents.

Chartered Organization (Sponsor)

Every Troop belongs to chartering organization. The Chartered Organization for Troop 419 is the Crockett First United Methodist Church (FUMC). The Chartered Organization shares our objectives for the boys and insures that there is adequate, trained leadership. A Chartered Organization Representative acts a liaison between us and FUMC.

Troop Committee

The Troop Committee functions as an administrative and support organization for the Troop. The Troop Committee takes care of the non-program issues surrounding the Troop. For example: newsletters, Troop funds, fund raising activities, membership drives and Troop coordination, activity permits and coordination, advancement records,procurement, and maintenance of Troop equipment.

The Committee meets monthly. The meetings are open and attendance is encouraged by all parents and other interested adults.

Troop Meetings

Troop 419 will hold meetings weekly. Meetings currently are held every Tuesday, from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Changes to the meeting schedule will be announced as early as possible to allow for proper planning.

The third Tuesday of the month will be spent planning the camping trip scheduled for the following weekend. The fourth Tuesday of the month will be set aside as a"merit badge workshop." This is how it works: Instead of having atypical Troop meeting where all the boys are required to be present, the fourth Tuesday would be used to work on at least one merit badge. A registered MB counselor would be present to teach a merit badge class and/or work with the interested boys on completion of that badge. At least one other adult leader or parent would be present to ensure "two-deep" leadership for Youth Protection purposes.

If a boy already has the merit badge that is being worked on or is not interested in earning that particular badge, he would not need to come to the meeting. If only two or three boys are interested in earning the badge that is being worked on that week, then only those boys would need to show. It is possible, depending on the availability of merit badge counselors, that multiple merit badge classes could be going on at the same time.

It would vary on how many classes would be necessary to complete a merit badge but, normally, it wouldn't take more than three class sessions although many of the badges have requirements outside a classroom setting. Days set aside for MB workshops could also be used to work on requirements needed to complete a merit badge that was partially completed at a summer camp. The merit badge workshop could be used to work on Eagle required merit badges or, depending on interest, an"elective" merit badge such as Photography, Chess, or Journalism, to name a few.