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Cub Scout Pack 153
(Bay Shore, New York)
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Applications for New Scouts and Adult Leaders

Dear Parents:

Thank you for your interest in joining Pack 153.

Come down to any of our meetings or outings and see what scouting is all about. 

Where do we meet?

Our meetings are held on Friday nights at 6pm- 7pm at Gardiner Manor School unless otherwise specified.
  • See our Pack Calendar for times and locations of our meetings
  • LIKE our Facebook Page for past outings and events.
In Cub Scouts your son will have lots of fun, learn new things and meet new friends. But Cub Scouts is more than that.. it is FUN WITH A PURPOSE! 

Scouting develops character, leadership, communication skills, and good citizenship. 

Scouting is a year round program, where most other programs only last a few months. Scouting encourages your son to be active, be healthy and TO DO YOUR BEST! 

Want to join the Cub Scouts?

Here is what you need to do:

1. Fill our the Youth Application. (See attached)
2. If your son will be a Lion or Tiger Cub they will need to have an adult partner. You will have to fill out an Adult Application (See Attached). 
3. If you desire to be a Pack Leader you will need to fill out an Adult Application.

Adults interested in “Helping the Pack Grow” should discuss their interests with the Cubmaster.

4. Pay the annual Dues of $130. (See Annual Pack Dues for a breakdown)
5. Purchase a uniform. Pack 153 requires the official Cub Scout Shirt, Neckerchief, Hat and Belt. 

REMINDER:  Scouting is a family adventure, organized and administered by parent volunteers.  It is absolutely imperative that every parent contribute to the smooth operations of our gatherings by closely supervising their children.  We post this reminder to ensure the safety and well-being of all our scouts and siblings, while sustaining a fun and enriching experience.  Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!

We can not wait to get to know your family! 

Contact us at


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