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What Am I Getting Myself Into?

When your son joins Cub Scouts, you're committing to more than just paying your fees and getting him to his meetings. The program requires a lot of commitment from parents/guardians.

Meetings are almost every Tuesday night from 6:30 to 7:30 pm during the school year (August to May). You should plan to stay at the meeting venue (usually Louisa Baptist Church) for the entire meeting. Parents of Lions and Tigers should expect to stay in the meeting itself with your son. While most dens have a designated leader and sometime assistant leader, plan to be ready to assist where needed, particularly with younger children.

While your den leaders will try to get as much done as possible during the Tuesday night meetings, there are some requirements for rank that sometimes mean your son will have to participate in activities outside of those normal Tuesday night meeting times. Again, you should plan to stay at the meeting venue with your son. Your den leader will discuss this with you in advance and give as much notice as possible. Additionally, there may be certain rank requirements that you will need to work on at home with your son. Your den leader will let you know what those are and give you more details.

Our pack strives to provide a broad and varied program to the boys. We offer a number of additional fun activities during the year, that while they may be optional, are designed to help make your son a more well rounded individual and reinforce Scouting values. Possible activities include service projects, fundraising, outdoor activities, public appearances in parades and more. As always, plan to stay at the event with your son. Because the ENTIRE pack runs on volunteer power provided by other parents just like you, we need parent volunteers for leadership/committee positions, and individual one-time events/efforts. A parent from every family is needed to volunteer in some capacity according to your interests and abilities. If every family has a parent volunteer and perform even a small job reliably, it makes a world of difference in the what your son gets out of the program and prevents any one parent/family from unfairly shouldering more responsibility than they should. We can't run this pack without you! 

Financial Commitment
Scouting is actually one of the best values for extra curricular activities for your son. The fees tend to be more at the start, but cover your son for an entire year (vs. a few days or weeks like some sports or other programs). The fees breakdown as follows:
$24/year due in February - This is the registration fee that makes your son a member of the Boy Scouts of America. This fee is prorated if you join after February.
$60/year due in August - These are the dues that your son pays to the pack and his den. This covers the cost of a lot of his activities with the pack and his den as well as awards, other miscellaneous costs, and a Class B pack t-shirt. The dues are prorated if you join after August.
$12/year due in February (OPTIONAL) - This is the fee for a subscription to Boys' Life magazine. This fee is prorated if you join after February.
Class A uniform fees - All boys (EXCEPT LIONS) are required to have a Class A uniform (button up uniform shirt, neck kerchief, hat, belt, slide, etc.). The cost varies somewhat depending on which pieces are purchased and where. Parents typically purchase uniform parts slightly too big so that their sons get the most mileage out of the uniform that they can. Some boys have gotten 3 to 4 years out of one uniform shirt. The pack maintains a bin of donated uniform parts that older boys have outgrown to help curb uniform costs.
Handbook - Due to recent changes in requirements for the various Cub Scout ranks, your leader may not have you purchase a handbook but rather print a free .pdf file from the Internet. Your leader will let you know which you should plan to do.