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Here is a list of suggested gear for a campout. Please look it over and decide what you need according to the time of year, duration of the campout, and facilities expected upon arrival.  Thank you to Pack 181 for providing this list.

Needed per family:
Tent (with stakes if needed)
Rubber mallet
Ground cloth/tarp
Rake (to clear ground below tent)
Broom (to sweep out tent)
Camp chairs/table*
Portable grill (hibachis are not available at campground)
Cooking utensils
Bug repellent
First aid kit

*Picnic tables are not always available for every family.

Needed per person:
Sleeping bag or blanket
Sleeping pad (foam or air mattress)
Flashlight (with extra batteries)
Pajamas or sleepwear
Change of clothes
Toiletries (including any medication needed)
Durable shoes or sneakers
Extra socks
Class A uniform to participate in Flag Retirement Ceremony

Most families also bring the kids' bikes, glow sticks and of course...S'mores!

Here are a few websites that have directions, tips and recipes for foil cooking:

To obtain a Suffolk County Green Key: