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I Like Cub Scouts Because....

"In November, my den and I went to the Willowbrook wild life center.  There were a lot of injured animals.  We got to touch a real live snake there.  The scale didn't feel rough, it felt like a chain linked together.  A turtle that got stuck in a soda six pack when it was a baby became grown and had the six pack still on him.  He looked like a squeezed oval and he couldn't do anything to prevent it but you can prevent it by not littering and leaving no trace.  They had a big bird cage with lots of birds.  Also two rats were there at the shelter.  That is what we did at the shelter.
- Jack C.
"The most fun thing I have done with the pack is one of those overnight campouts.  I like them because you can use sticks as guns.  You can also play in forts.  Do you think that overnights campouts are fun?  I think that they are REALLY fun.  And this is why I think that overnight campouts are fun."
  - Jake D.


"The thing that I have done that I have liked the most about cub scouts was Eagle Cave. I love exploring the caves and seeing what there was to do. I liked 1 tunnel the most! It started with a hole in the ground on the path at the very back of the cave. You would jump down into the tunnel that you would have to crawl in. You would crawl through the tunnel for a long time and it looked amazing. When it ending you have to cross a long pathway of long, sharp cylinders that were pointy at the top but they didn't hurt. Finally, when you got out you were at the entrance of the cave! I was amazed at how far I had gone underground! I thought i only went about 20 feet!

The next thing I loved was the tunnel that was very long but it was halfway underground. You would have your legs underground but you waist above ground. It was full of challenges like getting over tall walls and climbing them and going under connected rocks. It looked like about 50 feet long but it felt much longer. Then at the end you could either get out or you could go to a pile of giant rocks that you would have to figure out how to get down them safely onto a flat platform that would take you to a way out. It was really cool!

I loved Eagle Cave and I'm so exited to go back. I hope I will find that same tunnel and I hope none of it has changed. I really hope that the completely underground one is still there! And I hope I can find the old path I used to get to the flat platform beneath the pile of rocks. I hope I will not be too tall to go under those obstacles again!

I can't wait to go to Eagle Cave again!"  - Declan D.
"In Cub Scouts, I have gone sleeping in a cave. It was really fun!!

The cave was in Wisconsin. It was called Eagle cave.

I did a lot of crawling through tunnels, and accidentally ending up in other packs’ sleeping areas…
I even got to go to the end of the cave (or a dead end in one of the tunnels…)! So I was going through a tunnel, and I ended up at a dead end. It might’ve been the end…or not. I had to turn around and go back to get out.

I got to go through so many tunnels! There even was a ledge…that has a tunnel connected to the side of it!  At night we had a campfire then we went back into the cave to sleep.

And the best part – we’re gonna go back this November!!!"  -William G.


"I had so much fun in Cub Scouts that I had a lot of memories and I couldn’t pick 1 so I picked several.

My 1st memory is Cub Scout Camp in Wisconsin where we did Archery, Bottle Rockets, Camping, and the last one I forgot, but camp was really fun! 

My 2nd memory is when we did the bottle rockets at our meeting. When we did the bottle rockets it was fun pressing the button to set it off and to see how high they  went! 

My 3rd memory is the Memorial Day Parade this year because it was fun holding the flags and walking in the rain! 

My 4th memory is the Nature Walks because it is fun going on walks and exploring the world! 

My last memory is when we went to the camp out at the Nature Preserve and we did all sorts of cool things and crafts and camping was fun and when we watched the Hawks game in your van!"    -Alec P.

" I think one my favorite things I did in Cub Scouts is staying overnight on the U.S.S Silversides. It was really fun exploring the inside of a real American ship. The ship was really big so there was a lot to see. My favorite thing I saw was the torpedoes. There were 4 of them and they were humongous!!!!!!!!!!! Also the ship had gone into war before. That’s why there were torpedoes and a cannon at the top of the ship. THE SHIP WAS REALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- David N.